ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics Assignment Semester 1, 2020

  ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics
  Group Assignment
  Semester 1, 2020
  Federation University Australia

Analytic Report: Learning Outcomes Assessed: A3, K3, K6, and S2:

Purpose: The purpose of this task is to provide students with practical experience in working in teams to write a data analytical report to provide useful insights, pattern and trends in the READMIT-HISTORICAL dataset in the light of guided questions asked on page 4 of this document. This dataset is located in SAS Viya archives of datasets. This activity will give students the opportunity to show innovation and creativity in applying SAS Analytics, and designing useful visualization and predictive solutions for various analytics problems.

Project Details:

This is a group assignment and you will complete the task with your team. Your team will be made up of at most 3members who are all enrolled in the same laboratory – the teams will be allocated by your tutor. It is expected that each team member will contribute equally to the project.

Your team will use an analytical tool (i.e SAS Visual Analytics) to explore, analyze and visualize the dataset provided. You will receive feedback on the draft about presentation choices, content, analysis, and style.

The aim is to use the data set allocated to provide interesting insights, trends and patterns amongst the data. Your intended audience is the CEO and middle management of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services who are responsible for overseeing the health industry in America.

In addition, each individual team member will write a short reflection as part of the report on their individual experience on working on the project.

Group Analytic Report Tasks

  • Task 1- Background information - Write a description of the dataset and project, and its importance for the organization. Discuss the main benefits of using visual analytics to explore big data. In this you should include a justification for using the visualizations that you will use and how they have been successful in other similar projects. This discussion should be suitable for a general audience. Information must come from at least 6 appropriate sources (2 per student) be appropriately referenced. [2 to 3 pages]
  • Task 2 – Reporting / Dashboards - For your project, perform the relevant data analysis tasks by answering theguided questions provided (see Appendix for questions and dataset) and, identify the visualization you need to develop.

Note: remove any missing data points from your visualizations where possible/suitable

  • Task 3 – Additional Visualizations - In addition to the guided questions, it is expected that eachstudent will provide at least two other visualizations of the data (i.e. for a group of 3 students this is 6 extra visualizations). These additional visualizations will be judged in terms of quality of the findings and complexity of analysis.
  • These visualizations should be using multi-dimensional, filtering and advance calculation techniques.
  • Task 4 – Justification -Justify why these visualizations are chosen in Task 2 and 3. Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your Task 2 (i.e. the report to the operational team of the company).[1 to 2 pages]
  • Task 5 – Discussion of findings – using the visualizations created discuss the findings from the data set. In this discussion you should explain what each visualization shows. Then summarize the main findings. [3 to 4 pages]
  • Task 6 – Executive Summary – summary of the data analysis including a brief introduction, methods used and a list of the key findings [1 page only]
  • Task 7 - The Reflection (Individual Task) - each team member is expected to write a brief reflection about this project in terms of challenges, learning and contribution. [1 to 2 pages]

Report Submission:

Each member of the group is to submit an electronic copy of the completed group assignment and their own individual reflection via Moodle.

The report will be approximately 8 to 12 pages in length (not counting cover page and references). The report will include the following in the order provided below:

  • A cover page including the names and student id of all team members
  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Figures / Tables
  • Executive Summary
  • Background
  • The body of the report including reports, insights, justifications and visuals
  • Discussion of findings
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

All references used in your report must be from peer-reviewed sources. Include any and all sources of information including any person(s)n you interviewed for this project.

Your report should be formatted according to the “Assignment Layout and Appearance Guidelines” and your references presented using the APA referencing style; information is available: You are reminded to read the “Plagiarism” section of the course description.

A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please read through the assessment criteria very carefully.

ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics - Assignment 2- Data Analysis-

Report Marking Guide





1 – Background of the Project: Description of Project, Datasets and organisation. The importance of project for the organisation. Benefits and examples provided for the use of data visualisation using peer reviewed sources.


2 - Dashboard/Reports utilisation of appropriate data analysis tools, visualizations and dashboards developed for the report


3 - Additional Visualizations The quality and complexity of additional visualisations provided other than the guided questions.


4 - Justification - Each analysis/dashboard and report explanation with relevant research papers, complexity and in- depth of the justification.


5 – Discussion of findings - Key data insights, recommendations to achieve organisational objectives with theoretical justifications with proper references.


6- Executive summary - Format, key findings and recommendation


7 – The Reflection (Individual Task)


Presentation of Report - Report is well-written and presented professionally, containing all requirements


Total Marks


Total Marks out of 20


Appendix 1: Data Set 1 and Guided Questions

Data Set 1


Develop a visualization using SAS Viya for each of the following questions.

Guided Questions

  1. GROUP TASK: Create a data dictionary for the data source by the group.
  2. What are the average number of ICU days with respect to diagnose group and gender?
  3. For each region, what is most and least common diagnosis group?
  4. For each diagnosis group, which is most and least popular disease?
  5. What are top 5 departments with respect to number of patients?
  6. What are top 3 regions with respect to female patient numbers?
  7. What are top 5 places where patients are discharged?
  8. What are top 3 regions with respect to “black” race?
  9. What are the top 5 hospitals with respect to Asthma patients’ number of visits?
  10. What are the active and inactive months in terms of admission for both male and female patients?
  11. What are top 3 regions with respect to average days spend in hospital? Hint- You need to create a measure to calculate number of days spend in hospital
  12. What are top 10 cities with respect to number of patients?
  13. What is the trend of number of patient’s admission from October 2011 to June 2012 with respect to region for both male and female? Hint- You need to use filter for the dates - 14. Display only the most and least popular month in question 9 at a time.
  14. What is the trend of patient numbers between Jan 2012 to June 2012 diagnosed with “CHF” only?
  15. What is the trend of different diagnose group over the months?
  16. What are top 5 departments in terms of number of operations and how these operations vary across months?
  17. What are the most appropriate predictors of heart disease? Hint- use decision tree
  18. Create a geomap of the Hospitals and patient number.
  19. Create a cluster analysis on patient related data.

ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics Group Presentation – Semester 1, 2020

Weight – 10%

Due Date: Presentation – Week 11 during lab/tutorial time

Group Presentation: Learning Outcomes Assessed: K4, A1, A2, V1, V2

Purpose: The purpose of the oral presentation is to provide an opportunity for students to present the results of data analysis and to share this knowledge while practicing their verbal communication skills

Project Details:

All members of the team are to work together to present their findings and recommendations developed whilst completing the analysis of the data. The presentation should include a visual component, such as Power Point, to support the delivery of their findings.


Presentations are to be between 10 to12 minutes in length

Each team member must present for at least three minutes to verbally present some of the findings from the report

Teams must provide one visual component (e.g. Power Point) that is consistent in presentation, fonts and format

Any references used in your presentation must be included at the end of the presentation in APA format (see below).

The presentation must include:

o An introduction of the topic and team members o The findings made from the analysis of the data including images to support these findings o The recommendations you will make in your report o A conclusion

Submission and Marking

Each member of the group is to submit an electronic copy of the completed group presentation material via Moodle.

All references are to be provided using the APA format; information for this is available here: o assessments

You will be marked according to the marking rubric provided in this document. Those items with a * will be a group mark (i.e. all member of the group who are present will get the same mark), whilst the remaining will be individual marks.

ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics - Assignment 2- Data Analysis-

Presentation Marking Rubric

Full marks

¾ marks

½ marks

¼ Marks


Presentation Material

[2 marks]

There are no errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Information is clear and concise on each slide.

Visually appealing/engaging.

There are some errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Too much information on two or more slides.

Significant visual appeal.

There are many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Too much information was contained on many slides.

Minimal effort made to make slides appealing or too much going on.

There are many errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. The slides were difficult to read and too much information had been copied onto them.

No visual appeal.

Knowledge of topic

[ 7 marks]

Extensive knowledge of topic.

Members showed complete understanding of assignment. Accurately answered all questions posed.

Most showed a good understanding of topic. All members able to answer most of audience questions.

Few members showed good understanding of some parts of topic.

Only some members accurately answered questions.

Presenters didn’t understand topic.

Majority of questions answered by only one member or majority of information incorrect.

Presentatio n


[ 7 marks]

Regular/constant eye contact, The audience was engaged, and presenters held the audience’s attention.

Appropriate speaking volume & body language.

Most members spoke to majority of audience; steady eye contact.

The audience was engaged by the presentation.

Majority of presenters spoke at a suitable volume.

Some fidgeting by member(s).

Members focused on only part of audience.

Sporadic eye contact by more than one presenter.

The audience was distracted.

Speakers could be heard by only half of the


Body language was distracting.

Minimal eye contact by more than one member focusing on small part of audience.

The audience was not engaged.

Majority of presenters spoke too quickly or quietly making it difficult to understand.

Inappropriate/disinterested body language.

The presentation was a concise summary of the topic with all questions answered.

Comprehensive and complete coverage of information.

The presentation was a good summary of the topic.

Most important information covered; little irrelevant info.

The presentation was informative, but several elements went unanswered.

Much of the information irrelevant; coverage of some of major points.

The presentation was a brief look at the topic, but many questions were left unanswered.

Majority of information irrelevant and significant points left out.

Content [2 marks]

Group marks

[ 2 marks]

All presenters knew the information, participated equally, and helped each other as needed.

Slight domination of

one presenter. Members helped each other.

Significant controlling

by some members with

one minimally contributing.

Unbalanced presentation or tension resulting from over-helping.

Multiple group members not participating.

Extremely prepared and rehearsed.

Very well prepared.

Primarily prepared but with some dependence on just reading off slides.

Evident lack of preparation/rehearsal. Dependence on slides.



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