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Melbourne is the capital of the state and most populated city after Sydney in the whole of Australia. Located on the bay of Port Philip, a large natural bay and extending to the Macedon mountain ranges, Melbourne consists a total of 31 municipalities. The people of Melbourne are often called as Melburnians. My personal thoughts are that school and college life is like a bird, a small delicate bird which when held too loose might fly away and when held too tight, it might die. The reason being, when we concentrate only and only on studies, we are not able to enjoy the other small things of life the university has to offer and on the contrary when we do not concentrate even a tad bit on the studies, assignments are not submitted on time or they fail to deliver as they were expected to, we fail miserably. Being in the most student populated city of the country, Melbourne is the home to some of the finest universities in the world which indirectly increases the pressure a student has to face in class. The colleges and universities have started to look a lot like rat race where each and every candidate is looking to get ahead of the other one, to score better and to perform better in life but when deep down we ask ourselves a question” will I be able to grow when I'm always buried with unwanted and unnecessary assignments and homework with strict deadline? “ . To learn and actually grow in the specific areas, a person needs to attend the class with complete attention but how is this possible if you were up till 3:00 AM last night completing the assignment? Trust me, it's not but doesn’t get worried, Assignmenthelp is the perfect solution for you. They are one of the most trusted online student help providers with services ranging from essay writing of high school to writing research thesis for Ph.D. scholars. They guarantee that the work they submit will be 100% original and plagiarism free resulting in better grades of the students. The assignments done by Assignmenthelp are written by trained professionals and industry experts for more than 500+ subjects which guarantee that no matter what subject you want help in and what is the deadline for the submission, an executive from Assignmenthelp will always be there serving you with solutions tailored according to your specific needs.

Melbourne a city full of students

The fact that Melbourne is the home to some of the finest universities in the world like the University of Melbourne which ranks 42nd in the world ranking of universities. This city is the most desired by students when given a choice between Melbourne and any other city in Australia. Some of the reasons why this city is the most chosen are because of the vibe that this city has, the multicultural people and the beauty this place hold. With a population of more than 4,530,000 and an average international tuition fee of AU $23,500, it is one of the most looked after the city in the whole of Australia.

Melbourne Assignment Help

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Standing at the position of 42 in the whole world, it is one of the most elite university in the whole of Australia. It has been often seen that the students keep searching for online Assignment Help due to the pressure one has to succeed in life. Children are always looking sleep deprived and can be seen with their books because of the number of assignments they get from each and every subject with a back-crushing deadline on top of it. If you are one of the students who need help in getting the assignments done online with the help of experts, you are at the right place because from the first year to final year students in each and every Assignment and subject, Assignmenthelp writes assignments and guarantees them with 100% plagiarism free and on time every time. Many students try to divide the work, they submit the work online which they think is not in relation to the Assignment they are going and they themselves do the one which they think would be more beneficial to them. This not only saves them time and money but also helps them make a better future for the Assignment they are doing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of living in Melbourne

Also known as the cosmopolitan of the world, there are certain advantages as well as the disadvantages to living in a city like Melbourne. Since the visitors of this city are from around the world so finding the right type of cuisine is not very difficult because people come here and cook from all around the world making it a place famous for its quality food and wine. If a person needs a glass of wine and some classy clothes in the wardrobe it is heaven for a fashion freak because there are a hell lot of shopping malls in the place which makes it one of the best cities in Australia to live in. Being a totally developed city, the transportation and planning of the city are totally up to the mark, making traveling by public transport very easy, convenient and cheap. With so many advantages that make a person fall in love with this place, there are certain things that might sound a little odd for a place like this e.g. weather and the prices of real estate. They are shooting high up in the air making the rent and purchasing an apartment one hell of a job for people new to this city.