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Guide to studying in Brisbane

Australia is one of the top destinations of the world for international students. Many of the cities in this country are home to huge populations of international students. Brisbane is one such city. It has always been home to many international students. The city is known for attracting thousands of international students every year. Brisbane is widely recognized as a city that provides great quality education to the students who land here. It has greatly contributed to the competitiveness that Australia boasts of globally. It is because of cities like Brisbane only that Australia has become the leader in global education that it is today.

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is a great place to live in. According to Department of Immigration and Border Protection, there are more than 72,000 international students enrolled in Queensland. A major part of this number is enrolled in Brisbane. It is the major contributor to the population of the international students in Queensland. In fact, there are many efforts being made by the governments and the institutions in this region to make the facilities better for the students, as a result of which, a huge rise in this number is expected in the next few years.

With a population of 2.2 million, Brisbane is the third most populous city in entire Australia. The city doesn’t just boast of a huge population but also a culturally diverse one. Therefore, when the international students come to this city, they do not feel like they have come to a different place altogether. This city makes them feel like they are at home. Brisbane is also one of the fastest growing economies in Australia. As a result of this rapidly growing economy, the city is one of the major business hubs in Australia.

More than anything, the city attracts such a huge number of international students because of the world-class institutes that it boasts of. There are many universities in this city which provide the best quality of education to the students. Some of them are:

Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology is arguably the best university in Brisbane. The university has always been home to a great population of international students and has been offering top quality of education ever since its establishment. Also, Queensland University of Technology is one of the largest universities in Australia. It offers a bigger range of undergraduate degrees than most of the universities in the country. One of the reasons for this university to be so popular is the option that it gives to its students or choosing a combination of study areas and also participate in exchange programs as well with overseas universities. One of the most significant facts about this university is that it provides the largest number of bachelor degree graduates into full-time employment every year. No matter what place a student is from, the employment history of the institute matters a lot… and that is where this university stands out. The employment rate of graduates of this university is way more than the national average of Australian universities.

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The undergraduate Assignments of the Queensland University of Technology are widely known to broaden the minds and knowledge of the students. Also, the university gives the students a chance to study a double degree. The students can choose to study a combination of two bachelor degrees at the same time. The university also has a very well-developed set of programs to support international students.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is another fine university of this region. The university boasts of more awards for teaching excellence than any other university in Australia. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. The university is home to many international students and is a very popular institute among the students all over the world. It offers a huge range of Assignments across a variety of study areas. The university is famous for the framework of the Assignments. The Assignments are defined in such a way that the students get the chance to obtain practical experience. The Assignments also give the students the chance to intern with some coveted organizations. Thus, the students at this university get to make highly valuable connections and meet prospective employers. Also, the university has tie-ups with many world-class universities and thus, it gives the students a chance to study a part of their degree overseas at one of these partner universities.

Besides the high quality of education, the university is also famous for the wide range of extracurricular activities that the students get to enjoy their degree at this university. The University of Queensland has 185 partner institutions in over 40 countries and thus has access to more than 180 clubs and societies and sports and cultural facilities.

Moreover, the university also has a support system for the international students. This support program has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the international students. To prepare the students for the life at this university, the university offers orientations. For the international students, the university has English language support and mentoring programs.

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Griffith University

Griffith University is also a fine university situated in this region. Ever since its establishment, it has been regarded as one of the most innovative institutes in the country. The university has five campuses and all of them are located in the Brisbane-Gold Coast corridor. The reason for the popularity of the university among the international students is the wide range of the undergraduate Assignments offered. This university offers more than three hundred programs for the students to choose from.

Griffith University ranks at the 19th spot among the 29 universities of Australia. In many of the rankings, the university has successfully been able to grab a rank among the top 450 universities in the world. Recently, the university was ranked at the 37th spot in the top 50 universities under 50. Ever since the university opened its doors in 1975, it has been offering top quality education to the students.

Like the two universities already mentioned, this one also has a support program for the overseas students. The university makes every possible effort to comfort the international students. The support programs of the university start as early as pre-departure for the benefit of the students. The university even provides free airport reception to the international students. Moreover, it also offers a huge variety of scholarships to the international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate Assignments.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is a very important factor for all the international students. No matter where you come from and which country you are going to, the cost of living is always a very important factor. This is where Brisbane fits right in. It is one of the most affordable capital cities in Australia. It is very feasible for the students to live in the centre of this city. In fact, Brisbane is cheaper than cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Even with a low budget that a student generally has, it is possible for a person to lead a great life in this city.

If a student who is planning to live in this city for few years, he should check the estimates for the expenses. The government of Australia advises that a student should expect a minimum of $18,610 for living expenses per year. However, the expenses for accommodation and other things can be reduced as the city has a lot of options for the students to choose from.

The universities in the city offer on-campus accommodation, which is the best option for the students who want to live near their place of study. There are international residences available. These are housing options specially built for the international students.

Life in Brisbane

Life of a student away from home is always difficult. It has its own challenges. But life in Brisbane is a really easy one. The city welcomes the students with arms wide open. It is the most inclusive study destination in entire Australia. The city is also the home to the ‘Brisbane Welcomes International Students Festival’, largest city orientation day of Australia. The festival gives the international students the chance to enjoy free food and music and also meet the Lord Mayor. Moreover, this festival also gives the international students the chance to network with others at the Lord Mayor’s International Students Friendship Ceremony.

The city is known for making the international students like they are home. It is home to a huge population of international students. The society is extremely culturally diverse. 21.7% of the residents of the city are born outside Australia, with 16% of them speaking a language other than English. The city is very inclusive in nature and because of such a culturally diverse population, it becomes very easy for the students to live here comfortably.

Working Options for students

As already mentioned above, money is one of the most important factors in determining the life of a student overseas. The students do not generally have a great amount of money on them. It always helps if one can get some extra cash. Brisbane has some amazing part-time job options available to the students. There are small companies and retail stores which hire the students actively. It is important for the international students to know their rights as a student visa holder. In most of the cities in Australia, the international students can work up to a maximum of forty hours per fortnight while they have regular classes and an unlimited number of hours when they have broken.

With this option of working while studying, the city becomes a great place for the students from all over the world to study in.

Entertainment options in Brisbane

Brisbane is not just about great quality education. It is also about fun. As a student, everyone wishes to take a break every now and then and enjoy his life. A student is obviously pretty excited when he leaves his country and goes to a new one. This excitement is not just about the new college, it is also about living a life and having fun. There are times when the students need to de-stress themselves after a huge dose of study. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the city they are going to live in has some amazing entertainment options.

Brisbane has a long list of things to do. There are many options for the students to explore. The city is the gateway to three of the world’s largest sand islands and also sub-tropical rainforests: the Sunshine Coasts and the Gold Coast. These places are just two hours away from the city and thus are amazing options for the students to travel to.

Brisbane has so many options that people of all manners and interests can find something to indulge in. There are many attractive places in this city. The students can visit the Southbend Parklands and can enjoy the beautiful gardens and the inner city beach. The place also has some riverside cycling and walking paths and family-friendly parklands.

There are river cruises that the students to see the city from the river. There are a huge number of river cruises in the city. There is Mt. Coot-tha lookout, which the students can visit and get a panoramic view of Brisbane.

The students can visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and see the rich wildlife of Australia. It is one of the best options for the students who take an interest in wildlife. For the students who love adventure in their lives, there is the Riverlife Adventure Centre, where they can paddle board down the Brisbane River, rock climb the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, hire a bike and so much more.

The city has a lot to offer. It is all about shopping, recreation and culture. The city is home to a huge number of parks, open spaces, walking tracks, biking tracks and also many entertainment and sports facilities which have world-class options available. All these things together make the city a beautiful and wonderful place for the international students to study and live in.