Assignment For Australian History

Australia as a country has a lot of historical backgrounds. It points out to the history of the landscape and the population of the common realm of Australia and its earlier cultural and political societies. Aboriginal Australians came to Australia’s landscape using the sea route from Maritime Southeast Asia sometime forty thousand years and seventy thousand years earlier. The creative, tunic and religious cultural activities which were founded became few of the traditions surviving for the longest time since traditions ever began in the history of mankind.

The very first recognized landing in Australia was by Europeans and the Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in the year 1606. The rest of the twenty-nine Dutch navigators went on to find out more about the western and southern direction of coasts and lands sometime in the 17th century. They also overcame the situation and founded a new continent called New Holland. Macassan trepangers crepted into Australia's northern coasts soon after the year 1720 which is told by the historians to be even before. There were various other European travelers who scattered late in the year 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook took over the east coast of Australia for Great Britain and came back with many stories in the field of politics at Botany Bay which is now popularly as Sydney and New South Wales.

The very first fleet of ships of the British reached at Botany Bay in the month of January in the year 1788 so as to set up the base of a small penal colony, the very first colony ever to be made on the Australian mainland. In the century that followed, the British established other colonies on the continent, and European explorers ventured into its interior. Indigenous Australians were greatly weakened and their numbers diminished by introduced diseases and conflict with the colonists during this period.

There was the introduction of gold mine rushes and other farming factories which resulted in increasing wealth and economy. Other anonymous democratic government and political parties started to flourish and set their base all over the six British colonies during the years and period of 19th century. The political parties got elected by various references so as to bring together a certain constitution in the year 1901 and this is exactly when recent Australia is said to have arrived in existence. Australia battled on the part of Britain in both the world wars and also turned out to be a completely loyal and strong partner of the United States of America during World War II because it faced threats from Imperial Japan. The discussion of trade and sales of Asia exponentially incremented and an immigration procedure was developed after the war. It had got much more than 6.5 million travelers from various places all over the world. This immigration procedure got the foundation of various people belonging to over a two hundred countries after the finishing of the second world war, the number of people staying in the country shifted to a large and humungous number of 23 million by the year 2014, and it remains till now the overall 12th largest national economy throughout the globe.

The predecessors of the cultural and basic Australians are known to have reached the landscape forty thousand to sixty thousand ages earlier, and historians suggest they could have also come around seventy thousand years ago. They later grew up and established a way of living that included hunting of animals and collecting goods. They made and developed religious practices and cultural activities. They also made things using stones and rocks. When the first time Australia received European people and they learned about it, they calculated the number of people who were already living in the country to be at least three lakhs and fifty thousand whereas a latest historian’s conclusions point out that maybe a population of seven lakhs and fifty thousand might better have existed.

A lot of debates have been fought over the basis of the direction embarked upon by the very first travelers. The travelers might have journeyed via the sea when there was a time of glaciation and during this time, New Guinea and Tasmania got connected to the continent as well. The traveling period even then needed going via sea water. Moreover, creating them through the world's ancient mariners. Scott Cane claimed in the year 2013 that their very first wave might have been the result by the voluminous eruption of Mount Toba. If they had reached over seventy thousand years earlier, then they would have received the opportunity to wave across the sea from Timor, during this time the levels of seawater were extremely low. However, if they had arrived over a fifty thousand years earlier, then it is possible for them to have entered via the path from the Moluccas to New Guinea. It is evident that the landscape areas have been through the fifty meters of water since the last fifteen thousand years, it is rare to say that the period will be founded with surety.

The largest population intensity for Aborigines shelved in the southern and eastern areas and the River Murray valley went on specifically. Aborigines stayed and utilized the natural sources available in the country in an extremely balanced and ecological way, rising to reduce animal killing and collecting at certain periods of the day so as to grant the people and sources enough time to regrow. When the first people of Australia came upon the land, never altered the country importantly, all going through with long-term weather alterations, might have made additions to the complete disappearance of Australia's megafauna species. This practice of farming and then enraging a fire in the famous northern Aborigines has increased and the density of flora that got itself fauna converted the rough rainforests into heavy and beautiful Savana forests. The coming up of the dingo by Aboriginal population was over a three thousand to four thousand years earlier that too with human hunting, have made great additions to the disappearance of the thylacines, Tasmanian devil, and Tasmanian native-hen from mystics Australia.