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BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development Assessment 2

Learner Instructions 2

(Develop and maintain professional competence)

Performance objective

The candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to develop and maintain professional competence.

Assessment description

You are a Store Manager for Australian Hardware. You will develop a professional development plan with career objectives and an action plan. To assist in the development of your plan, you are required to seek feedback on your professional competency from your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) and a fellow Store Manager (also played by your assessor). You are required to keep a journal containing your reflection on, and explanation of, the process of planning professional development.


  1. Assess your personal knowledge and skills against competency standards such as enterprise specific competencies or nationally endorsed units of competency. In your journal, describe the process you undertook to assess your professional competency.
  1. Meet with your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) and a fellow Store Manager (also played by your assessor) to seek feedback on your work performance. Take notes to submit as evidence of your

meetings. In your journal, describe the meeting, and the questioning and active listening techniques you used to elicit the feedback.

  1. Using the template provided in Appendix 1 develop a professional development plan. You should include:
    1. development opportunities, such as training; include opportunities to undertake within one year and within five years
    2. new skills you aim to acquire to achieve or maintain a competitive edge
    3. planned participation in networks or professional associations to enhance professional development
    4. timeframes in which to achieve development opportunities, new skills, participation in networks.

In your journal, you should discuss:

  1. how you analysed and applied feedback to your professional development plan
  2. the process you undertook to identify, evaluate and select the development opportunities included in your professional development plan – discuss learning styles and application to your planning
  3. new skills you plan to acquire – explain how acquiring these skills will provide a competitive edge
  4. examples of networking you have undertaken, are undertaking or will undertake to enhance knowledge, skills or work relationships
  5. how these plans align to the Australian Hardware simulated organisation’s policies and procedures and how they align to organisational goals and your work role.
  1. Submit your professional development plan, feedback notes and journal to your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must provide:

  • a professional development plan  meeting notes
  • a journal.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

  • communication skills to receive, analyse and report on feedback
  • application of principles and techniques of planning professional development
  • knowledge of management development opportunities
  • knowledge of types of learning styles and application to professional development planning.
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