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What is DATABASE Explained by Database Assignment Help Experts?

Database is a collection of data in an organized way so that it will easy for the user to retrieve data from it. Database is defined as the collection of the information that is stored in such a manner that it can be easily fetched, modified, or updated at any time we wanted. Database can store any kind of data in it. As the demand for data and the importance of data are increased in the world everybody knows how important is to have the database knowledge so that they can pursue their career in the field of data science. So, this subject from the academic perspective becomes very important and every important subject means you need to score well in that particular subject.

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Types of Databases we provide DBMS Assignment Help Online

There are various types of databases which are listed below:

Commercial Database: A commercial database refers to a collection of data presented electronically, such as on TV. The user does not have the right to modify or change it. The only way to access this database is by using a commercial link.

Operational Database: Operational Database is a database which is regularly updated such as online transactions, employee information, and customer information. As per our database assignment help experts, this type of database is most commonly used in fields such as marketing, production, employee management etc.

Centralized Database: As the name suggests, this database is accessed, stored and modified in a centralized location. The centralized location is often a central database system which can be accessed from a remote location.

End-UserDatabase: End-User database is accessed by the end users of a software application through a query language. As per our database assignment help experts, this database is generally shared among different users of different end user applications.

Distributed Database: The basic feature offered by this database is that, the data is stored on multiple devices, either at the same location or over different devices spread across different locations and connected through a network. This common database is accessed and linked together with the help of a single communication link.

Personal Database: This database is nothing but the data stored and maintained on personal or working computers. Only the user is able to change or modify it as he is the only person who has an access to these files. As per our database assignment help experts, this data can be shared with limited users via a network.

Client/Server Database: It is a type of network database in which a database is maintained and stored on a server which is then accessible from multiple clients over a network.

Hierarchical Database: Hierarchical databases store data in the form of a tree structure similar to an inverted tree. The data is organized in the form of records and fields.

Relational Database: A relational database is where the data is organized in the form of tables and fields. A table is a collection of data records with each field containing a specific value. Relationships are defined among the tables in order to allow data to be linked together.

Object-Oriented Database: Object oriented databases store data in the form of objects. An object is a collection of data and methods that act on that data. Objects can be linked together to form relationships.

Cloud Database: A cloud database is a database that is stored on a remote server and is accessed over the internet.

Top 3 Network Types for Database Homework Help and User Documentation

Based on the type of database, databases have different methodology of usage and implementation:

Centralized Database Architecture:

Centralized database architecture is called the front-end-back-end architecture. It involves multiple applications, where every application has its back-end database. The main idea behind this architecture is to share data between back-end databases, but it still suffers from the issue of alienating and duplicating data.

Distributed Database Architecture:

In this method, all the data is stored in an end database in different locations. In some cases, data is distributed using intelligent algorithms to immaterial the poor performance of individualTPM. This method is very good for enterprises that want to store their data in multiple locations.


The Hub and Spoke architecture is actually based around distributed architecture. In this architecture, one database is used as the central point of operations, and the other databases around it support the central database. The data at all the hubs is shared amongst all the spokes, but what goes on in the spoke is not communicated to other spoke.

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  • there is the number of topics in the database field which needs In-depth knowledge with usually student fails because these topics are very complex.
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  • Handling database is complex as compared to handling traditional database.
  • ERD diagram and normalization are the backbone of the database so students are either scared or lack of knowledge due to which they commit mistakes in these topics.

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