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Static Hashing

Hashing supplies an opportunity for being able to access data without having using an index structure. In static hashing, when a search-key value is provided the hash function always computes the same address.

In the search, the first key item on the table code for function calculation, the function value is stored as a table entry in the structure of entries Click here to take more. If the key codes are equal, then the search is successful. Table item in the store, according to the same function to calculate the storage location, and location of stored here. This method is the hash method. Hashing method used in the conversion function called hash function. While the idea of such a table or structure constructed is called a hash table. Buckets contain data entries.

For an Example, if mod-4 hash function is used then it shall generate only 5 values. The output shall always be same for that function. The numbers of buckets provided remain same at all times.

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Example of static hashing

Hash function works on search key field of record r. Must distribute values over range 0 ... M-1.

  • h(key) = (a * key + b) usually works well.
  • a and b are constants; lots known about how to tune h.

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