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Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks – disk organization techniques that take advantage of utilizing large numbers of inexpensive, mass-market disks. Originally a cost-effective alternative to large, expensive disks, RAIDs are used for their higher reliability and bandwidth, rather than for economic reasons. Hence the “I” is interpreted as independent, instead of inexpensive.

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fig:RAID and its Levels

RAID Levels

  • Schemas to provide redundancy at lower cost by using disk striping combined with parity bits
  • Different RAID organizations, or RAID levels, have differing cost, performance and reliability characteristics
  • Level 0: Striping at the level of blocks; non-redundant.
  • Level 1: Mirrored disks. Subsumed by level 0+1.
  • Level 0+1: Mirrored disks with striping; offers best read performance and good write performance. Popular for applications such as storing log files in a database system.
  • Level 2: Memory-Style Error-Correcting-Codes (ECC) with bit striping.
  • Level 3: Bit-Interleaved Parity; a single parity bit can be used for error correction, not just detection.
  • Level 4: Block-Interleaved Parity; uses block-level striping, and keeps a parity block on a separate disk for corresponding blocks from N other disks.
  • Level 5: Block-Interleaved Distributed Parity; partitions data and parity among all N+1 disks, rather than storing data in N disks and parity in 1 disk.
  • Level 6: P+Q Redundancy scheme; similar to Level 5, but stores extra redundant information to guard against multiple disk failures. Better reliability than Level 5 at a higher cost; not used as widely.

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