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B Tree Index Files Assignment Help And Online Tutoring

B Tree Index Files

The B-tree is data structure which retains information categorized as well as enables queries, sequential entry, insertions, as well as deletions within logarithmic amortized period. The actual B-tree is really a generalization of the binary search tree in that a node can have more than two children.

B - Tree Index Files:

Similar to B+-tree, however B-tree enables search-key values to look only one time, removes repetitive storage space associated with research keys.

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Benefits of B-Tree indices:

  • Could use much less tree nodes than a corresponding B+-Tree.
  • Occasionally feasible to locate search-key value prior reaching leaf node.

Drawbacks associated with of B-Tree indices:

  • Just small percentage of search-key values are found early.
  • Non-leaf nodes tend to be bigger, therefore fan-out is actually decreased. Thus B-Trees typically have greater depth than compared to related B+-Tree.
  • Insertion and deletion more difficult compared to within B+-Trees.
  • Implementation is harder than B+-Trees.
Implementation B+tree Assignment Help

Fig: B-Plus Tree

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