Use Case Description Resource Allocation Module


Captures the process of creation, cancellation and resource allocation to a project by project manager.

Actors: IT Professionals, Business Sponsors, Project Managers.

Related Use-Cases: Report generation module


This use case describes the process involved in allocating resources to a project. It covers operations like creating a project, selecting and allocating resources to a project, updating project status and cancelling a project. The project manager performs all these operations. It also covers operations like viewing projects assigned to a resource, tasks covered under a particular project, entering actual and estimated time to complete a project. Also business sponsors can view the status of the sponsored projects.

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Typical Course of Events:

Project manager raise a request to create a project

After creation of a project, resources (IT professionals) are selected for the project and assigned to it.

The project can also be cancelled by the manager.

Business sponsors can login to the system and view the status of the projects sponsored by them

Project managers can update the project status based on project planning, implementation.

IT professionals can view the projects assigned to them, tasks under the projects.

Once tasks are assigned the resources can enter the estimated time for the task

Once task is completed the resources can enter the actual time for the completed task.

Alternative Course of Events:

If the project proceedings are not successful then the project manager can cancel the project.


The manager should initiate a request with the system to trigger the resource allocation process and resources should be available.


A bill is created after processing the resource allocation request successfully.

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