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A relational database is a database which stores information about data and its related data. In the structure of the relational database all the data and its relationships in flat, two-dimensional table is called relation. The software for a relational database is known as Relational Management System (RDBMS). It is used to control reading, writing, modifying, and processing the information stored in the database.

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The following steps to design a relational database are as follows:

  • Define the purpose of the database:The purpose of database means for which object we are going to design the database like student, college etc.
  • Collect Data and arranging it in the tables and specifying the primary and foreign key.

    We have to arrange the data in the database in a particular tables and also specify the unique field in the table.

    Relational Database
  • Create the relations between the tables.

    Relation between tables means having one field in both the tables common.

    The types of relationship include:
    1. one-to-many

    2. many-to-many

    3. one-to-one

    Relational Database
  • Refine & Normalize the Design

Relational Database Advantages

  • Ease of use: As the tables are already existing in the relational database then revision of tables are much easier to understand.
  • Flexibility: Relational database provide flexibility in terms of different tables from which information hast to be linked and extracted can be easily manipulated with the help of operators and join it with given information where they are desired.
  • Data Independence: In relational database independence of data have been achieved by more easily with the normalization structure which is used in relational database than in more complicated tree or network structure.
  • One of the significant advantage of relational database is multiple users can access the data with permissions that is going to protect the security of the database. By which they can view the same data set in the most appropriate way for their needs this make easy access the data using software applications.
  • Dynamic Views: This is one of the important concept which is supported by Relational Database and in database, a view is not a part of physical schema, it is dynamic. So we can say that view can subset data and as so changing the data in a table alters the data depicted by the view. It can also join and simplify multiple relations, dynamically hide the complexity in the data, and can reduce data storage requirements.

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