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When Authorization in SQL is enable then the object owner can use the GRANT and REVOKE SQL statements to set the user permission for specific database objects. We can enable the SQL standard authorization mode by setting the derby.database.sqlAuthorization property to TRUE.

The GRANT and REVOKE privileges are:

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How to do it?

  • Grant <privilege list> on <relation/view name> to <user/role list>
  • Example grant update(amount) on loan to U1,U2
  • All privileges -> shortcut in giving all access.
  • Usage -> authorizes person to make use of specific domain.
  • Public -> all current and future users.
  • To produce functions within SQL type create role <role name>
  • To grant additional users/roles privilege, we append with grant option at the end of the grant statement.
  • Example: grant choose on brach to U1 with grant choice
  • To revoke, use revoke <privilege list> on <relation/view name> from <user/role list> [restrict/cascade]
  • Example revoke choose on branch from U1
  • This conduct is known as cascading of the revoke.
  • Restrict choice will give error if there are any cascading.

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