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Adopting the new trends in education is something which every student should embrace. The world is growing and achieving new heights. We are now living in a world where the education process also continues to evolve, there are many inceptions which has made life easier and “excel” is one such thing. If you are not well-versed with advanced excel, you must try to understand it better. In order to do the same, many students enroll themselves in some or other relevant Assignments. However, the normal classes are not always enough and students may need some external help. If you also need the same, you can come to us.

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What is Excel?

Excel is a general spreadsheet application which is commonly used in almost every sector at present. Be it a business, research or academic arena, excel is used everywhere. This system has a group of statistical functions which are used for carrying out analysis of data.

In order to make out of the excessive and efficient use of excel one has to understand the tactics to use and apply various formulas. One has to know and be versed with the right way of solving statistical problems. This is where we can be of help to you. We can help you with the process of detailed analysis, description, and output. There are numerous commands available to facilitate analysis. We can help you with that too.

So, if you want to know How to use necessary commands in excel, you can just come to us. Learning advance excel is one of the best things you can do to enhance both your knowledge and grades. You might face some issues in it, but there is no need to worry about that situation as well because our advance excel Assignment Help is always there to help you.

Some advance excel formulas which every student must know


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Formula: =INDEX(C3:E9,MATCH(B13,C3:C9,0),MATCH(B14,C3:E3,0))

You may be versed with VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP formulas. Index match was introduced as an advanced alternative to the same. It surpasses the drawbacks and limitations of VLOOKUP formulas. It has a strong combination of Excel formulas which boosts the analysis.

  1. OFFSET combined with SUM or AVERAGE

Formula: =SUM(B4:OFFSET(B4,0,E2-1))

This formula is not particularly advanced on its own. However, when combined with other functions like AVERAGE or SUM it creates a sophisticated formula.


Formula: =CHOOSE(choice, option1, option2, option3)

The CHOOSE function is perfect for analysis when it comes to financial modeling. It helps in selecting between a particular number of options and returns the “choice” which you earlier selected.

  1. 5. XNPV and XIRR

Formula: =XNPV(discount rate, cash flows, dates)

These formulas can be your saviors if you are dealing with analysis related to equity research, investment banking, financial planning, and analysis or some other corporate finance area which involves cash flows.


Formula: =COUNTIF(D5:D12,”>=21″)

Both these formulas are advanced and best uses of conditional functions. SUMIF adds the cells which meet definite criteria. Whereas COUNTIF counts the cells which are equal to or greater than 21

  1. PMT and IPMT

Formula: =PMT(interest rate, # of periods, present value)

For analysis related to commercial banking, real estate or other similar things these two detailed formulas are the best

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