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Saving your all data from loss is a very critical issue in database systems. Data losses occur due to many reasons.

  • Hardware failure
  • Viruses
  • Transaction failure
  • Software bugs

By following some recovery strategy you can prevent your data loss. Here some techniques are which is helpful to you:

Possible levels of recovery:

  • Correct state recovery
  • Past correct state recovery
  • If possible, then previous state recovery
  • Valid state recovery
  • Consistent state recovery
  • Prevention from crash

Techniques are:

  • Salvation Program: If the system crashed first you have restored the system to a valid state. But remember never used recovery data. Used only in case when all other techniques fail or maybe not in use.
  • Incremental dumping: Updated files must be copied to archive after completion of operations with some time interval.
  • Backup Version: from the current version of database present some files and all files contains all previous value from regular backup version.
  • Differential Backup: If you do full database backup, then you can get many advantages and most important is it includes all that which is required to rebuild the entire database.
  • How to perform a differential backup:

    USE master;


    BACKUP DATABASE Employedetails

    TO DISK=’t: \emp_diff.bak’


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