SQL Store Procedure Assignment Help

SQL Store Procedure is a sql statement which perform specific task. Store Procedure is consists of header and body, the header part is consists of the name of the procedure and the parameters or variable passed to the procedure and the body part is a declare section or execution of the store procedure.

There many benefit of using store procedure like it increases the performance of the database, it decrease the amount of data to be send to the sql server etc.

Procedures: Passing Parameters

We can pass parameters to procedures in three ways.

  • 1) IN-parameters
  • 2) OUT-parameters
  • 3) IN OUT-parameters

Store Procedure Syntax:

Create Procedure Procedure-name 
Input parameters,
Output Parameters (If required)
     Sql statement used in the stored procedure
->Where Procedure-name is the name of the procedure.

Procedures Example:

In the table “Person” fields PersonID, First-Name, Last-Named, Phone_No.

PersonID First-Name Last-Named Phone_No
1 John Sena 123456
2 David wak 455665
3 Gorge ham 687800

Create PROCEDURE Getpersonname (
@PersonID INT    --Input parameter, PersonID of the person
SELECT First-name+' '+Last-name FROM person WHERE PersonID=@PersonID 


SQL Store Procedure Example