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Relational Algebra

Relational Algebra is collection of operation on relation. The Relational Model is consist of elements: relations, which are made up of attribute. Relations are operands and the result of the operation is another Relation.Relational Algebra is arranged into sets of data. It is consists of sets and operation with formal structure. To organize the data, we have to remove the redundant data and repeating groups of data which is called normalized data. It is a formal system for manipulating relations. Its operands are called relation.

There are six basic operator of Relational algebra:

  • SELECT(): Select is used for selecting the items from the database
  • UNION:
  • Set Difference:
  • Cartesian product: x
  • Rename:

There are two main collection of relational operators:

  1. Set theory operations

    Union, Intersection, Difference and Cartesian product.
  2. Specific Relational Operation

It is formal structure consisting of sets and operations on those sets. It is a formal system for manipulating relations.

  • Operands of relational algebra are relations.

  • Operations of this algebra include the usual set of operations and special operation defined for relation
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