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Object DATABASE OR Object oriented database management system is a database in which the information is represented in form of object as used in object-oriented programming. It is different from rational database. This type of database is used when there is complex data or/and multiple data relationships. It have a many-to-many object relationship. It should not be used when there are few join tables and there are large volume of simple transaction data.

It works well with the following application:

--> Multimedia Application.
--> CAS Application

Features of Object Oriented Database:

  • It support transactions.
  • It supply querying in bulk data.
  • Concurrent Access
  • Security
Example of Object DATABASE

Example of Object Database

In Semi-Structured Database the data are in the form of structured data that edoes not conform with the formal structure of data models associated with rational databases or other form of data. Therefore, it is also known as self-describing structure.

Types of Semi-Structured Database:

  • XML semi-structured database
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)semi-structured database

Advantages of Semi-Structured Database

  • It can show the information of data source that is not constrained by schema.
  • It is used to view structured data as semi-structured data.
  • The data transfer format may be portable.
Example of Semi-Structured Database

Example of Semi-Structured Database

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