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A database is a collection of the data in a much-organized fashion such as to use retrieve, manipulate and update them whenever needed. Whenever you visit any library, you can easily find various books being kept in a well-mannered way. The database can be easily compared with library and data can be considered as books in a library The system which handles as well as manages the data in a systematic way is known as the Database management system. At AssignmentHelp, we have a unique approach to writing data management Assignment Help to The scholars on all topics of this Assignment. We offer Assignment Help round the clock to the subjects in different subjects such as homework help in database management, Assignment Help in Oracle. To spread and get aware of a concept and in-depth knowledge of database subjects, we have hired professional writers to write your assignment of a database. Our online Assignment Experts outline all the important models being used in the database such that to make aware scholars about this subject.

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The logical designing or coherent structure of information that defines the relationship among several parts of the data is a database model. There are four kinds of database models which are described below:

Flat Model

It has a minimum amount of the proper arrangement that takes the form of one large table in which the data in rows are related to one other and those in the columns display the same value.

Database Management Assignment Help

Hierarchical Model

This is also known as one many relationship models where data is organized in the tree structure. In this kind of model, data gets stored in the form of a record which is associated with another by creating a link. Thus each unit in the model has only one parent and they can have various units.

Network Database model

This model is also known as many-many relationships model. In this model of a database, there are various records that get connected with one parent's life. This kind of model can be viewed as a tree that helps up down where various branches get end up in just one parent.

Relational Database

This is also known as one relationship model. It is mainly utilized as a model where the information gets presented in the form of the table that has related columns and rows.

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Database management system help in mainly lowering the data redundancy. Considering the fact that sharing, as well as the integration of several data files, reduces the risk of all data duplication. The database management system also helps in controlling the inconsistency of the data This is just because of the result of data integration that any changes in one spot can update all associated places in an automatic manner. The data inconsistency can be avoided or controlled.

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