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Transaction Concept

A Transactionis anunit of work performed within a database management system against a database, and treated in a consistent and reliable way independent of other transactions. Transactions in a database environs hold two important purposes:

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  • Consistency :The transaction must obey legal protocols.
  • Atomicity : It either happens or it does not; either all are shackled by the contract or none are.
  • Durability : Once a transaction is committed, it cannot be abrogated.
  • Isolation : Although multiple transactions may execute concurrently,each transaction must be insensible of other concurrently executing transactions. Intermediate transaction results must be invisible from other concurrently executed transactions.

Two main issue to deal with

  1. Failures of various kinds, such as component failures and system crashes.
  2. Concurrent execution of multiple transactions.

Transaction Definition in SQL

  1. Data manipulation language must include a theorize for specifying the set of actions that comprise a transaction.

  2. In SQL, a transaction begins implicitly

  3. A transaction in SQL ends by:
    • Commit work: commits current transaction and begins a new one.

    • Rollback work: causes current transaction to abort.

  4. Levels of consistency specified by SQL-92:
    • Serializable- default
    • Repeatable read
    • Read committed
    • Read uncommitted

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