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Work/life balance

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People do not leave their lives behind when they come to work, most employers now know this and they recognize needs outside work in their working practices, in the leadership styles in use and in the supportive culture. The emphasis is on valuing people, helping employees build on their strengths and dealing swiftly with issues such as discrimination etc.

The employees leave their families behind while coming to the organizations for work. Employers understand them well and helps in maintaining the balance between the work and personal life of the employees. The organizations provide various benefits and incentives to their employees as a part of reward management systems. The other benefits like entertainment, movie tickets, etc. are also given to the employees for the welfare pf their families as well. This helps in motivating the employees which helps in increasing the productivity and as a result fosters the growth of the organization as a whole. Through rewards, the fundamental as well as self-esteem needs of the employees are fulfilled which makes him feel valued part of the organization. When the employees see that the employer is taking well-care of all their needs then he works with more dedication and commitment in the organization. Thus, maintaining his or her work life balance.

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