Human Resource Management – Achieving Equal Pay

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A policy is required on the degree of considerations which should drive the management of the reward system. The policy should also cover the use of equal pay reviews, conducted from time to time. This raises the important policy issue of the degree to which pay levels should be market-led, which would mean that the pay inequities that exist outside the organization would be reproduced inside it so that the firms can retain their talent.

It is very important as well as crucial for an organization to consider equal pay while developing the reward management system into its environment. The policies must be framed by taking into consideration the level of pay. The organizations must conduct equal pay reviews from time to time. There must be no discrimination in the level of pay of men and women working in the organization. The rewards must also be given equally for the equal level of performances. This will help in motivating all the employees who are working in the organization and boosts their morale to a greater level. This increase in the level of motivation and boost in the morale of the employees due to the achievement of equal pay will result in increasing the productivity of the employees which ultimately leads to increased profitability of the organization and contributes to its growth. The regular checks and reviews must take place in the organization so as to ensure effectiveness in the equal pay systems of the organization. When the level of performances of man and woman working in the organization is at the same level, then the same level of rewards must be given to them and there be no bias on the basis of their sex. So, it is very important for organizations to implement equal pay systems in the framework of the organization for the growth of the organization.

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