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It is hard to expect people to be motivated and perform better if they feel their personal safety and security are at risk. The only real exceptions to this are the armed forces and related occupations where the risk is accepted as part of the contract – and even so minimized as far as possible. Employers who recognize this can provide transport for staff working late in hazardous inner-city areas, or CCTV surveillance for those working at remote sites, can actively reduce concerns about safety and security.

Safety or personal security are the major areas of concern of all the employees working in different organizations. People while working in any organization feels that they must be safe and secure at their workplace. In order to ensure the safety and security of employees of the organization, employers develop different measures. The organization provides transport facilities to its employees in case the workers are released from work at late night hours so as to ensure the safety and security of employees. If the concern of safety or personal security keeps growing in the minds of the employees or workers their productivity will be hampered to a large extent and become the great hindrance in the path of growth of the organization. In order to overcome such hurdles, the organizations provide safety and personal security to its employees so that they can concentrate on their work with determination and dedication. When the employees concentrate on their work without having any concern about their security, they are capable of providing efficient and effective results which helps in the growth of the employees as well as the organization.

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