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An important part of the ‘respect equation’ is something called ‘employee voice’. Which each and every employee has the right to raise. As defined ‘Employee voice is the term increasingly used to cover a whole variety of processes and structures which empowers the employees directly and indirectly to contribute to the decision making in the firm.’ Having a voice in the affairs of the firm is rewarding because it recognizes the contribution people can make to the success of the organization or their team and also making the employees feel that they are important resources for the organization.

Communication plays a very important and vital role in reward management. Rewards in the form of recognition, appreciation, praises, etc. would be very ineffective if there is lack of proper communication between the employees and the employers. If the employees are recognized for their every small achievement then they feel more motivated and relaxed and this can be done effectively only if there is proper communication between the managers and the employees. When there is no proper and effective communication between the managers and the employees and they are not recognized for their valuable contribution to the growth and development of the organization this will result in the decrease in the morale of the employees. Rewards can only be effective when there is proper and effective communication between the members of the organizations. Most of the time the rewards that are given to the employees in order to motivate them and increase their productivity to foster the growth of the organization are in the form of recognition, praises, and appreciations. All these rewards will be effective with the effective communication well in place within the organization. Good communication with the employees motivates them to work to the best level of their capabilities. When the recognitions are given to the employees as a part of the reward for the best performances, then the proper communication must take place in the organization so that the proper message can be delivered to all the employees of the organization. If the proper message is delivered while recognizing the performances of the best employees, then it will have a great impact on the performances of the other colleagues, team members, and employees of the organization. So, with the effective reward management, the organization should have the good communication with the employees of the organization in order to achieve the better results from the employees which lead to an increase in the productivity and profitability of the employee thus, increasing the productivity and profitability of the organization as well. An effective employee leads to effective organization and employee will be effective if there is a motivation through rewards and good proper communication amongst the members of the organization.

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