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They need to know not only how well they have achieved their objectives or carried out their work, but also that their achievements are appreciated in front of everyone. Recognition needs are linked to the esteem needs in Maslow’s 9 hierarchy of needs. These are defined by Maslow as the need to have a stable, firmly based, high evaluation of oneself (self-esteem) and to have the respect of others (prestige).

Recognition is the formal or informal acknowledgment of the contribution of the employee towards the growth and development of the organization. Recognition is the form of reward to the employees who have performed exceptionally well in the organization. Recognition is given to the employee by his manager informally or sometimes, the recognition is given to employees in the very formal way in which the meeting is conducted in the organization and the employee is recognized in front of his peers, colleagues or team members which motivates the employee and boosts his morale to the high levels. Recognition motivates the employee and keeps his desire alive to work effectively and efficiently in the organization. If the employee is once recognized for his valuable contribution, then he will definitely try that he will be recognized again and again by his managers. Recognition helps in providing the direct feedback of the employees in the organization such that the good performers are motivated and bad performers are also encouraged to perform well from the next time. When the employees are recognized or praised whether formally or informally, they become loyal towards the employees as they feel that their contribution towards the growth and development of the organization is recognized by the employers or the managers and the employees feel themselves as the valued part of the organization. Recognition also builds healthy relations between the members of the teams. The tasks that are assigned to the team as a whole, then all the members must work together effectively and efficiently in order to complete such tasks. So, the spirit of the team is built amongst the employees as they all want to be recognized for their contribution towards the completion of the tasks of the whole team. Recognition helps the employers in retaining the employees in the organization for longer periods of time because they are satisfied with the organization as all their needs are fulfilled by the organization to the best levels. So, it is beneficial for the organization to retain the employees who have specialized skills and knowledge and as a result, the rate of employee turnover decreases in the organization. Recognition as a reward also helps the organization in reducing the stress among the employees and it curbs the level of absenteeism in the organization.

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