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Physical environment

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Well-designed and organized offices and work areas make a significant difference to how people feel about their work, it helps the employees to associate themselves to the workplace. We live in a world where rising standards of interior decoration and a proliferation of media coverage on design mean that expectations are rising.

The physical environment is the most crucial as well as an important part of the organization. But this is often not taken into consideration by the organization. An environment which is very well-designed helps the employees to think creatively and innovative ideas can be easily generated. When the employees are capable of providing innovative and creative ideas to the management then they will get a reward for their valuable contributions to the organization. In today’s modern world the organization is designed and equipped with modern interiors and the architecture that makes the employee feel happy and satisfied to work. Working in such an environment provides great sense to the employee which enhances the productivity of the employee. The increased productivity of the employees leads to the growth of the organization as a whole. The organization in which employees are contributing effectively and efficiently to the growth of the organization, reward management systems are developed in order to motivate the employees to continue to work to the maximum level of their capabilities. Physical environment changes the perception of the employees towards their work and this can be very much reflected in their performances. The physical environment of the organization comprises of infrastructure and other facilities that make the employee comfortable to work within the organization. Every individual when feeling comfortable and relaxed can work with the free mind which helps in generating new ideas. So, as a result, it can be concluded that the physical environment of the organization impacts the reward systems to a great extent.

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