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Very few people in our increasingly knowledge-based economy choose to work in jobs that are repetitive and boring and where there is little challenge or interest involved in the work. If they have to do so, they tend to create interest by changing jobs more frequently than they might in a more challenging environment unless the social environment suits them. For professionals, challenge and interests are typically critical components of their intrinsic reward package and a real demotivator if missing.

People want to do a job on the basis of their interests and do not want to take on jobs that are challenging in nature. The biggest challenge for the employees is to perform the job or tasks which are repetitive as well as boring in nature. These kinds of jobs make employees frustrated and they do not feel satisfied working in such a monotonous routine. This is the main reason for employee turnover in the organization because in order to break the monotony of work they shift to other jobs that re according to their interests. The reward management system can help the organization in overcoming the problems of employee turnover due to challenging tasks that are assigned to them and are repetitive and boring in nature. The employee shifts to other jobs in order to get out of the challenging environment of the organization. When the employees are rewarded for the challenging tasks that they have performed, they feel motivated and capable of taking up the challenges in order to get the rewards. The employees work more effectively and efficiently when the work involves little challenge or interest and along with that, the proper reward management system is well in place in the organization. The employees are ready to take up the challenging jobs when they are recognized, praised, etc. for their valuable contribution that they have made to the organization in order to foster the growth.

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