Human Resource Management – Total Reward Policy

Total reward policy

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A policy is required on the extent to which the organization wants to adopt a ‘total reward’ approach, so that things are clear enough in advance between the employee and the management. This will mean assessing the importance of the non-financial relational rewards and how they should complement the financial transactional rewards.

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Following are some of the topics in Human Resource Management – Reward Management in which we provide help:

  • Reward Management
  • The Aims of Reward Management
  • Reward Management Processes and Activities
  • Inspiration and Values
  • Organizational values and behaviors
  • Reputation of the organization
  • Risk sharing
  • Recognition
  • Communication
  • Perception of the value of work
  • Challenge/interest
  • Physical environment
  • Job training (current position)
  • Safety/personal security
  • Work/life balance
  • Security of income
  • Social environment
  • Reward Policies
  • Level of rewards
  • External competitiveness versus internal equity
  • Use of job evaluation
  • Achieving equal pay
  • Total reward policy
  • Contingent rewards
  • The role of line managers
  • Transparency
  • Assimilation policies
  • Protection policies
  • Motivation and reward
  • Motivation and Financial Incentives and rewards

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