Human Resource Management – Perception of the value of work

Perception of the value of work

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People channel their efforts into their work if they believe it has meaning and is worthwhile and appreciated. It can be a motivator to join a particular occupation or profession. Or the reward can come as a consequence of the way in which leaders treat their people and their contribution. It is very important to create a mindset that employees job is important to add value in the organization’s performance.

The perception of different persons can vary depending upon their thinking, lifestyle, etc. Every individual develops his or her own perception of the thing. So, the value of work is also perceived by the employees in the organization. Some perceive that the work has high value whereas some perceive that the work is of very little value according to them. The variations in the perceived value of the work change the attitude of the employees towards the work assigned to them. Reward management plays a very vital as well as a crucial role in the perception of the value of the work. When the rewards in the form of appreciation, recognition, praises, bonus, and incentives are given to the employees, they perceived the value of work as very high in their minds because such rewards fulfill all their fundamental and self-esteem needs. If the employees are not satisfied with their jobs and their employees do not recognize and appreciate them for their valuable contribution towards the growth of the organization, they perceive the value of the work as low as it is not able to fulfill their self-esteem as well as fundamental needs. Rewards act as a motivator and make the employees motivated and he or she feels that the work is of high value and must be completed effectively and efficiently. The work can be done effectively and efficiently if and only if it is perceived as having high value by the employees. The work which is perceived as having low value will not be taken seriously by the employees which hamper the effectiveness of the work. It is very important for the organization to make its employees feel that they are valued part of the organization and their contribution is well efficient for the organization so that they are able to perceive the value of work as high which is very necessary for the organization. Rewards can be very helpful in developing the perception of the value of work in the minds of the employees in the organization. Effective reward management leads to imbibe the very high value of work in the minds of employees.

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