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People join organizations and leave bosses. They have the tendency to follow, ‘that’s it’ principle when they decide to stay or go either because their employer works or carries out its activities in a way they care about or because the conflict with their personal values becomes too uncomfortable to tolerate and work in that environment. The leadership styles and behaviors fostered and used in organizations have a major impact on the values of the organization and the way it behaves, depending largely on the nature of its workforce.

Leaders play a vital role in total reward management. They exist to get things done through people in a positive manner, ensuring that tasks are achieved and strategies delivered, but also building and maintaining supportive and constructive relationships between themselves and the employees in their team or group, whichever way it works better. They are there to motivate people and indeed to secure engaged performance.

Reward management is a great tool to inspire the employees of the organization and adds to the values of the organization. The employees are very much inspired, motivated, and encouraged through this reward management as it helps in fulfilling their fundamental needs and on the other hand, it helps in boosting their morale when recognized in front of their colleagues in the organization.

The employees are very much inspired by the employers when the employers or the managers show their faith and trust in them by giving them the responsibility for the challenging tasks. In return for such challenging tasks, they are rewarded by their employers on successful completion. This also creates the value of an employee in the organization and makes him or her feel the valued part of the organization and their manager shows trust and faith in them.

Prizes in the form of rewards like free lunch, gift cards, paid leave, movie tickets, etc. help in inspiring the employee to work with a lot of dedication and makes the employee very much committed towards his work. Whenever the employee is inspired by the employer, he feels or realizes his value in the organization. The reward management systems help in inspiring the employees in such a way that they are committed towards their work and realizes their value in the organization.

Flexible working hours are also given to some employees by their employers as a part of reward management. The employees who perform exceptionally well in the organization are provided with flexible working hours so that they can easily manage their professional as well as personal life. This inspires the employee to work hard and to dedicate his entire capabilities in the completion of the tasks assigned to him by the manager. For example, an employee who have a small child and he has to drop him to the school bus daily, so the employer gives him the flexibility to come to office late after dropping his child to the school bus, or in some cases if the employee has to attend any event of the school of his child so he can enjoy flexibility of workplace timings. The employers do this as they know the real value of their employees who are highly qualified and the organization want to retain them for the long period.

Incentives are also a great inspiration for the employees of the organization. Incentives in the form of money along with the basic salary are very helpful in fulfilling the fundamental needs of the employees. When all the needs of the employees are well taken care of by the employer then the employee is more inspired, dedicated, encouraged, and motivated to perform well in the organization to the best level of his or her capabilities. The regular good performances of the particular employee help in creating the value of the employee in the organization and he become a valuable part of the organization.

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