Human Resource Management – Job training (current position)

Job training (current position)

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Many people now regard access to training as a key element in their overall package. It can be particularly important in organizations where upward growth through promotion can be restricted but people can still work on effectiveness in their current role. As jobs and roles evolve, organizations generally need to provide training to help maintain and raise learning resulting into improved performance. Such training can be skills training such as for a new piece of software, or it could be time management or team motivation, etc.

Job training is not only essential for the new employees that have been recruited into the organization but also for the existing employees who are already working in the organization. Job training is also required and becomes mandatory for the employees at their current position when they are finding barriers in accomplishing their tasks and also the training is required at the current position in order to cope up with the new emerging technologies. Job training enhances the skill capabilities and knowledge of the employees which help them in working efficiently and effectivity thereby, increasing their productivity which helps in the growth of the employees as well. When the productivity of the employees is increased, the organization provides them recognition, praises, acknowledgment, bonus, incentives, etc. as a part of the reward management system of the organization. Thus, training of the employees helps them in getting rewards from their employees which satisfies the fundamental as well as the self-esteem needs of the employees. Timely training must be provided to the employees so as to improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the employees in the organization so as to foster the overall growth of the organization. Training helps the employees in getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Training is required for the employees so that they are able to cope up with the changing technologies of the organization. Technology needs to be changed so as to improve the efficiency of the organization and to foster its growth.

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