Human Resource Management – Reputation of the organization

Reputation of the organization

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People want to work for a high-reputation employer. It is good to see your organization move up the ‘Best Companies to Work For’, or attract favorable coverage for its contribution to national life. This is often part of an employer’s value proposition or ‘employer brand’. Much of the public service has in the past benefited from the respect its various parts have in the community, it’s an achievement in itself that the crowd knows about the firm.

The reputation of the organization is very important for its growth. The reputation has an impact on profits, shares, etc. of the organization. Employees play a very crucial role in the reputation of the organization. The employees who are satisfied with the organization helps in building the reputation of the organization. The organization having effective and efficient reward management system is capable of satisfying its employees as the reward management helps in the fulfillment of all the needs of the employees. Reward management can be of great help in building the image or reputation of the company. When the employees are praised, recognized, encouraged, and appreciated for their work they feel highly motivated and their morale boosts to the great levels. Rewards can be in different forms like praises, recognition, and appreciation, or monetary benefits like compensation, incentives, health insurance, paid sick leave, etc. So, the non-monetary benefits help in motivating the employee in front of the peers and the colleagues and provides enough level of satisfaction to the employees but when the monetary benefits are provided to the employees then all their needs are fulfilled. This fulfillment of all his needs will give him or her the maximum level of satisfaction. This satisfaction will lead the employees to spread the positive word of mouth which helps in building the reputation of the organization. The higher the reputation of the organization in the industry, the more employees it will attract. Reputation helps in increasing the share and goodwill of the organization in the market. For example, companies like Google Inc. and Apple are the ones which give all the comforts and benefits to their employees. They provide flexible work hours, work from home facility to their employees which gives the employees immense pleasure and satisfaction while working with the organization. That is why these companies are able to maintain their goodwill and reputation across the globe. The satisfied employees of such companies are the ones who are responsible for building such a good reputation of these companies in the world. The dissatisfied employees of the organization always speak bad about the company and this will definitely completely destroy the reputation or image of the organization in the industry. It is very important from the perspective of the organization and the employer that all the employees of the organization are really satisfied with the organization and this can be done through effective reward management and as result, the good reputation of the organization will build automatically in the industry or the market.

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