Human Resource Management – Training And Development

Training and Development Linked to Organizational Needs and Strategy

Workplace training and employee development are key ingredients in the competitiveness of firms and ultimately of national growth. Rapid change especially in the area of technology requires that employees continually grow and learn new skills and also upgrade their current skills. The new psychological contract has created the expectation that employees invest in their own career development, employees with this expectation will value employment at an organization that provides learning opportunities. Growing reliance on teamwork creates a demand for the ability to solve problems in teams, an ability that often requires formal training.

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Some organizations are developing their employer brand and reputation as a talent developer. These firms emphasize training, career and development opportunities as a means of gaining a competitive advantage in the war of talent. With training so essential in modern organizations, it is important to provide training that is effective. An effective training program actually teaches what is designed to teach and it teaches skills and behaviours that will help the organization achieve its goals. Training programs may prepare employees for future positions in the organizations, enable the firm to respond to changes, reduce turnover, enhance worker safety, improve customer service and product design and meet many other goals. To achieve those goals HR professionals approach training through instructional design – a process of systematically developing training to meet specific needs.

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