Human Resource Management – Measuring Results Of Training

Measuring Results of Training

After a training program ends, or at intervals during an ongoing training program, organization should ensure that the training is meeting objectives. The HR how to box discusses steps to increase the value obtained from training. The stage to prepare for evaluating a training program is when the program is being developed. Along with designing course objectives and content, the planner should identify how to measure achievement of objectives.

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  • Reaction : satisfaction with the program
  • Learning : knowledge and skills gained
  • Behaviour : changed to be observed
  • Results : improvement in individual and organization's performance

The usual way to measure whether participants have acquired information is to administer test on paper or electronically. Trainers or supervisors can observe whether participants demonstrate the desired competencies. Changes in company performance have a variety of measures, many of which organizations keep track of for preparing performance appraisals, annual reports and other routine documents in order to demonstrate the final measure.

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