Human Resource Management – Evaluating The Training Program

Implementing and Evaluating the Training Program

Employees are more likely to learn when training is linked to their current job experiences and tasks. There are a number of ways trainers can make this link. Training sessions should present materials using familiar concepts, terms and examples. As far as possible, the training context such as physical setting or the images present on a computer should mirror the work environment. Along with physical elements, the context should include emotional elements. To fully understand and remember the content of training, employees need a chance to demonstrate and practice what they have learned. Trainers should provide ways to actively involve the trainees, have them practice repeatedly and have those complete tasks within a time that is appropriate in light of the learning objectives. Practice requires physically carrying out the desired behaviour not just describing them.

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People tend to benefit most from practice that occurs over several sessions, rather than one long practice session. Trainees need to understand whether they are succeeding. Therefore, training sessions should offer feedback. Effective feedback focuses on specific behaviours and is delivered as soon as possible after the trainee demonstrates what they have learned. Training programs need to break information into chunks that people can remember. Research suggest that people can attend to no more than four to five items at a time. If a concept or procedure involves more than five items, the training program should deliver information in short sessions or chunks.
Workplace Literacy is a relative rather than an absolute concept, involving document and quantitative capabilities in the language in which business is conducted. Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the literacy skills that enabled employers to do their jobs effectively are no longer adequate in today’s competitive market place.

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