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Human Resource Management is concerned with the training of the employees to improve their productivity. Several methods and training techniques are used to imbibe the skills of the employees. To choose the best-suited training method for the employees it is important to understand the mindset and behavior of the employees and how they respond to the certain situations. It is important to change the employee’s behavior towards organization’s objectives. This will help in aligning the personal goals of the employee with the organizational goals. This technique is the most effective one as it targets to train the behavior of the employee so that he can work for the organization with loyalty, commitment and dedication.

Behavior Modeling is a social learning theory. The employee’s behavior is modeled by showing him how a specific task is done. This will help the employee in knowing the right way to do the task and he will mold his behavior and attitude in a similar way. This is one of the most effective ways to teach interpersonal skills, it involves training sessions in which participants observe other people demonstrating the desired behavior than have opportunities to practice the behavior themselves.

Over the years, behavior modeling has been a successful technique for training the employees. The behavior modeling can be adopted by using the following techniques:

Assisting the current employees: The new employees should assist the current employees working in the organization. This will help them to obtain an insight into the business working. This will give them the experience to look into what problems one face in the real conditions and how they can be tackled. This will largely help the employee as he will receive one- to- one training.

Observe the Employees: Under this method, the new employees just observe the experienced employees. They learn how they work and how they handle the processes of the function. They just remain like a shadow but do not assist the old employee. They take certain notes about how to carry out the work.

High- performing employees as Leaders: At times, the business promotes the highly skilled and professional employees who are in the specific skills, to become trainers and train the employees as to what they have to do and how to do. Due to being professional in the field, they are able to train the employee in a better way.

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First- hand experience: The new employees can be given first- hand experience too at the job to learn. This is usually done under the supervision of the trainer. The employee can be trained using simulators too. He is given a first- hand experience about how the job is carried out.

Attending board meetings: The lower and middle-level employees are invited to the meeting of the board, stakeholder etc. This gives them the insights about the company’s internal working. This will train them in a better way an help in molding their behavior.

Benefits of adopting the behavior modeling:

There are certain benefits of adopting the behavior modeling process for training the employees. It has proved to be beneficial over a period of time. The benefits of using the Behavior modeling technique are:

Focused Learning: The major benefit of using Behavior Modeling as a training technique is that it focuses on learning the concept. It aims at providing the employee with the knowledge about the business and helps him learn. The better he learns, the better will be his mindset to carry out the job. The focused learning helps him grasp the vitals of the business and he becomes capable of carrying it out properly and carefully.

Interactive: It is an interactive method of training the employee. The employee stays under a constant supervision of the senior who takes care of his every step and function. This enables the employee to carry out the work properly and be conscious of what he does. The constant interaction between the supervisor and the worker keeps the worker motivated to carry out his job efficiently.

Less Cost: Behavior modeling training method is a low-cost method of training the employees. No extra cost has to be borne by the company to hire experts from the outside or create any simulation to train the employee. The employees get trained from the internally- available employees only which help the company to save huge amount which would have been incurred in training the employee.

Realignment of goals: The behavior modeling helps in changing the mindset and perception of the employee. It helps in aligning the goals of the organization and the individual together. This motivates the employee further to work for the company dedicatedly.

Behaviour Modelling

Drawbacks of Behavior Modeling: Behavior modeling technique is a successful technique to train the employees, but it lacks some features. These are:

Lack of Creativity: Behavior modeling directly helps in changing the mindset and attitude of the employee. This creates a hindrance for the employee to apply his creativity and brings innovative ideas into the business. Over a period of time, the employee loses his creativity and falls prey to the monotonous tasks in the business. The creativity vanishes over a period of time.

Rigidness: The business policies and strategies are very rigid. They are not flexible and the employees are under obligation to follow them. This brings rigidness in the work environment and as a result, it faces resistance from the employees. The whole procedure renders useless.

Boring: The constant following of the work environment protocols make the working in the organization boring and monotonous. The employees use less of the brain and more of the skill that they practice. The continuous working on the same skill makes it boring for the employees.

Expertise: To train the employees, expertise is needed in each field. In case the business does not have the appropriate resource and human skills already present in the organization, it will prove to be an expensive function. The company may have to borrow huge loans to carry out the process.

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