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Team Training and Learning

Human Resource Management brings together the workers from different backgrounds together and they work as a group. It is the responsibility of Human Resources to hold together a team and bring harmony in their working. To bring this harmony and a proper structure in the group, the teams are given proper training and learning so that they can follow the proper protocols and lead the team to work efficiently.

An important consideration in implementing training in organizations is an understanding group process. A great deal of the work in organizations gets done by bringing together individuals with different knowledge, expertise, and backgrounds to discuss issues and collaborate on decisions in the effort to achieve a common goal. Team learning has been defined in several ways including being viewed as an aggregate of the individual learning process for creating change as individual team members create, share and acquire knowledge and as a dynamic system in which the individuals in the team itself changes behaviors as the team learns.

This team training builds the group dynamics and increases the productivity. The group is able to focus better and work together.

How can the teams or groups be trained?

  1. Personality-Based Team Training: In an organization, there are several kinds of employees who come from different backgrounds, castes, creeds and colors. They belong to different ethnic groups and have different attitudes, attributes and personalities. It is a major task of the management to bring these diverse people under one umbrella i.e. group. Thus the major task that lies before the management is to train them and bring together the personalities of the employees. They must know each other, talk with each other and learn about each other. This acquaintance will help them to bring about a sense of belongingness and they will be able to work in the group with harmony.
  2. Activity-Based Team Training: This type of training refers to the forming of the group and training them on the basis of activities carried out by each of them. All the employees in the group perform different tasks. But all these activities are interrelated and a proper coordination is required to carry out these tasks. Thus, the activity based training helps in bringing the employees together by bringing unity to the activities performed by them.
  3. Skills-Based Team Training: This type of training involves providing training to a specific set of the employees having the same skill set. This brings together the employees as they have the same mindset related to the skills. This will help in the polishing of their skills and they can communicate better due to the similarity of the skills. This will be an effective method to bring harmony to the teams.
  4. Problem Solving-Based Team Training: In this kind of training, a group is assigned a specific problem and they have to work on solving the problem. This helps in the brainstorming of the employees and arriving at a conclusion. This develops their brain to solve problems together and appreciate each other’s inputs. This kind of strategy aligns the different minds into one direction and brings coordination in their processes. This is an effective method to train the teams.

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Team Training And Learning

Benefits of team training: There are various benefits of training the teams in the business. These can be explained as follows:

Different Challenges faced while building the team and training it:

  1. Hierarchy, power and autonomy: People in the group often face problem in managing with others due to the hierarchy in the business. Everyone wishes to exercise greater power than others and work in an autonomous space. This creates a hindrance to the implementation of the training to bring harmony. The employees need to let go of their attitudes to be a part of the team. In a team there is no “Me”; just “We”.
  2. Different kind of skills: The employees in the team have a variety of skills that it emerges as a problem to allocate these resources efficiently. It is difficult to form a strategy where the people from different backgrounds, skills and races can be brought together to work together.
  3. Nervousness among employees: The employees generally face the peer pressure. The employees feel nervous in showcasing their skills to other people in the group due to the insecurity that they might not be having the best skills. This perception of the employees creates a problem in the way of achieving efficiency in the entity.

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