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Person Analysis

Following the organizational assessment, need assessment turns to the remaining areas of analysis, person and task. The person analysis is a process for determining individual's needs and readiness for training. It involves answering following important questions:-

Human Resources Assignment Help Order Now Do performance deficiencies result from a competency gap i.e. lack of knowledge, skill or ability.
  • Who needs training
  • Are the employees ready for training

The answers to these questions help the manager identify whether training is appropriate and which employees need training. In certain situations such as the introduction of a new technology or service, all employees may need training. However when need assessment is conducted in response to a performance problem, training is not always a best solution. The person analysis is therefore, critical when training is considered in response to a performance problem. In assessing the need for training, the manager should identify all the variables that can influence performance. The primary variables are the person's ability and skills, attitudes and motivation, the organization's input, performance feedback and positive consequences to motivate good performance. Therefore, before planning a training program, it is important to be sure that any performance problems result from a deficiency in knowledge and skills. Otherwise, training cost will be wasted, because the training is unlikely to have much effect on performance. The person analysis should also determine whether employees are ready to undergo training. In other words, the employees to receive training not only should require additional knowledge and skill, but must be willing and able to learn.

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