Human Resource Management – Evaluation Methods

Evaluation Methods

Evaluation of training should look for transfer of training, or on- the-job use of competencies enhanced in training. Transfer of training requires that employees actually learn the content of the training program and that the necessary conditions are in place for employees to apply what they learned.
The organization can measure this by asking employees three questions about specific training related tasks:-

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  • Do you perform the task?
  • How many times do you perform the task?
  • To what extent do you perform difficult and challenging learned tasks?

Assessment of training should also evaluate training outcomes, that is, what has changed as a result of the training. The relevant training outcomes are the ones related to the organization's goals for the training and its overall performance. Possible outcomes include the following:-

  • Trainee and supervisor satisfaction with the training program.
  • Information such as facts, techniques, and procedures that trainees can recall after the training.
  • Skills that trainees can demonstrate in tests or on the job (behaviour)
  • Changes in behaviour related to the content of the training, for example, concern for safety or support of diversity (behaviour)
  • Improvements in individual, group, or company performance, for example, greater customer satisfaction, more sales, fewer defects (results).

Training is a significant part of many organization's budgets. Therefore, economic measures are an important way to evaluate the success of training program. Businesses that invest in training want to achieve a high return on investment, the monetary benefits of the investment compared to the amount invested, expressed as a percentage.

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