Human Resource Management – Business Games And Case Studies

Human Resource Management is highly concerned about the training and development of the employees. It takes into consideration the proper imbibing of skills and knowledge to the employee so that he can improve his productivity.

These days’ different types of training techniques are used to imbibe special skills to the employees. But with the passing time, the usage of conventional training method has reduced and instead, new techniques have evolved which give the employee a better view as to how to work in the organization. The new techniques are much more interesting and employee engaging.

The new techniques include:

  1. Business Games
  2. Case Studies

Both of these techniques are participant-oriented techniques of training.

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Business Games: Business Games is the latest technique used by the businesses to train their employees. Business Games are interesting and keep the employees engaged. This is something the employees like to use and do not get bored while working at. It can highly boost the morale of the employees. The business games are kind of Simulations in which similar business conditions are created in the game and the employee solves the problems and conditions using his skills. Due to being a game, the employee is able to exercise his skills more freely and try experimenting new things. Games stimulate learning because they actively involve participants and mirror the competitive nature of the business. A realistic game may be more meaningful to trainees than techniques such as classroom instructions. There are several Business Games available on the market that helps to imbibe different skills like Management, Strategic Planning, and Brainstorming etc. to the employee. Some of the games are:

  1. INNOV8: INNOV8 is a simulation game made by IBM which helps in the Business Process Management. It is a 1- hour game which helps in the sharpening the management skills. It is being used in several institutes to provide the skills of management to professionals. Over the years, the game was introduced in many schools to give the students the knowledge about the Management.
  2. Salt Seller- A commodity pricing simulation: Salt Seller is a commodity pricing simulation game in which two players compete with each other over the pricing of the products. It is a price- war game where the players are required to adjust their prices according to the market conditions i.e. demand and the competitor’s prices and gain the larger share in the market and the profit. This helps in building up a strategic brain to react to the situations in time.
  3. simCEO: It is a simulation game which helps the employee or the professional to learn the skills of a CEO. This game works out on every skill a CEO has to perform from formulating the Mission Statement to the carrying out of the management activities in the business. This is a great source of training and the skills of the professionals are put to test using the game which simulates the real-life situations. This helps in the executive development of the business.
  4. Gazillionaire: It is one of the most adopted games in training the employees. This game is based on the Demand and Supply theme where the employees have to manage the demand and supply with reference to the prevailing market conditions.
  5. Marty Raygun’s Fistful of Dollars: This game helps the business in deciding the appropriate customer, supplier, finance provider etc. that will help in the fast growth of the business. This game helps in solving the most critical questions of the business such as:
    • Whether to choose the employee who places big orders but pays late or the customer who places small orders but readily pays cash,
    • To choose the supplier with faster delivery or the one with lower cost,
    • To choose appropriate finance provider who charges a low interest rate.
Business Games And Case Studies

Case Studies: Case studies act as another innovative method of imbibing skills to the employees. Case studies are a real-life description of incidents and situations which can be used to make specific points or to raise some problem for which the solution is required. The case studies help in presenting a hypothetical situation to the employees so that they can work on it and solve it. This helps to understand the psychology of the employee and how he reacts to a given situation. This method can be used while doing the behavioral study of the employee.

Important steps to be taken care of while developing a case study for the training purposes:

  1. Setting a Background Picture: It is important to set a background picture of the situation for the employee. The background picture helps the employee to relate to the situation. This background knowledge involves:
    • Details of the organization
    • People concerned
    • Outline of the problem faced
    • Active participants
    • Other information available
  2. Identification of Resources and Complexities: The employee must be able to find the resources available in the business that will be relevant to the solving of the problem. He must understand the peculiarities and complexities of the problem so as to solve it. Proper acquaintance to the situation is necessary.
  3. In-depth Analysis: The employee must conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation in the business to find the weak areas. He should make a checklist of the problems and the solutions to those problems. He should analyze the situation by putting himself in the particular situation.
  4. Proper Report: Proper report of the employee’s responses should be made to keep a record and to analyze their performance in the business.

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