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A tort law Assignment Help is all about getting comprehensive knowledge and help on the civil wrongs by assignmenthelp. The civil wrongs that are covered under tort law cause harm or make someone suffer. There are no specific causes of harm as it could be done intentionally or negligence manner. The person who is the victim of civil law can recover the damages by filing a lawsuit. Tort law is an area that requires practical thinking as it is a problematic area that could be understood by applying logic.

Tort law and criminal law are different from each other as the tort could be done intentionally or due to Negligence. And therefore, the tort lawsuits have a lower burden of proof. But in the case of criminal law, criminal activity is always done intentionally. Students who do not have background knowledge of employment law and due to which they struggle to get a hold on their essay. In this case, you could contact AssignmentHelp to get Assignment Writing Services. Assignmenthelp has a team of professionals who could provide you with complete and detailed guidance.

The purpose of tort law is to enable people to seek compensation for any type of wrong committed against them. The victim of the tort may seek damages through tort law, whether it's physical or property damages. Through tort law, a victim is awarded the order of the court in monetary terms by the party in default. There are different types of award ordered by the court that includes medical expenses, reimbursement for property damage, loss of earning capacity, punitive damages, and pain and suffering.

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What are the categories in which the tort is divided?

Torts are the civil wrongdoings by one party to another. The punishment for the tort acts includes restoring the injured party monetarily, and it does not include fine or incarceration. The law has divided the tort acts into a different category than are Negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery, trespass, product liability. The law divides the tort into three categories to make it more specific that is the Intentional torts, negligent torts, strict liability.

A type of torts includes:

  1. Intentional torts

The acts that are committed with an intention to harm others or is deliberately done is known as intentional torts. The intentional torts include False imprisonment, theft, fraud, property damage, invasion of privacy, trespassing, etc. The intentional torts may be charges as a criminal offense as the wrongful has been done intentionally and has caused others harm.

  1. Negligent torts

The negligent acts is an act that is done unknowingly or is not an intentional act. But still in Negligent torts involve harm or injury by one party to others. In the case of Negligence, the defendant must have a duty or own service to the plaintiff, and the plaintiff must have suffered an actual loss or damage that is caused by the plaintiff's actions.

  1. Strict liability

In Strict liability, the concept of imposing liability on a defendant is involved. The activities that are necessary and useful to society and pose an abnormally high risk of danger to the public is regulated under strict liability torts. It is a very important topic under tort law as this law makes people pay compensation for damages.

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