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This Assignment at Assignment Help will consider a range of policy issues in the law governing corporations, securities, capital markets, and financial institutions. Issues to be considered in detail include the allocation of power between managers and shareholders, corporate transactions, executive pay, shareholder activism, cross-country differences in corporate and securities laws, securities regulation, and financial regulation. A significant number of lessons at Assignment Help will feature analysis of taxation matters, indirect transactions, commercial laws, and current policy and practice issues along with the writings by prominent academics on current research. Readings will mainly be from law review articles and discussion papers. Many of the readings will use economic reasoning, and familiarity with, or at least interest in or tolerance for, such reasoning will be helpful. The aim will be to give students a good sense of the issues that have been discussed in the literature and the ways in which policy arguments about such issues are developed.

At Assignment Help, we provide help with the study of antitrust laws and their operation in controlling the market policies and trade related competition in an economic Setup. Our online tutors can provide law Assignment Help with questions and topics ranging from covering the capital market laws.

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Capital Market Laws Assignment Help

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