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This Assignment at Assignment Help will examine the adjudication phase of the criminal process, beginning with the prosecutor's decision to charge and continuing through sentencing. Although the principal focus at Assignment Help will be on the constitutional doctrines regulating the adjudication process, the Assignment will also look at statutory or institutional choices made within the constitutional framework, particularly those prevailing in the federal system. Topics covered by Assignment Help include charging discretion and selective prosecution right to counsel bail, speedy trial, discovery, plea bargaining, jury rights, sentencing and double jeopardy.

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This Assignment is designed to complement The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments or Criminal Investigations, which deals with the investigation phase of the criminal process, the formal indictment, pretrial detention, prosecutorial discretion, defendants' right to the effective assistance of counsel, plea bargaining, discovery, the right to a jury and jury selection, double jeopardy, and appellate review, and the laws related to bail and parts of criminal trial.

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Criminal Adjudication Assignment Help

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