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Antitrust laws are the set of laws introduced by the government of the United States of America. The fundamental purpose of introducing the laws and regulations was to regulate how businesses are carried out. These laws have been playing an integral role in the business landscape for a very long time.

In the dynamic business arena, it is necessary to keep a tab on the evolving antitrust laws and regulations. The laws are responsible for encouraging fair competition among organizations so that customers can be benefitted. The antitrust laws are proposed at the federal and state level, making the scope of these laws vast.

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Antitrust Law Assignment Help Through Online Tutoring and Guided Sessions from AssignmentHelp.Net

Antitrust Law Assignment Help

Fundamentals of Antitrust Laws

The Antitrust Laws have existed for centuries, and they have been molding the business landscape. The foundation of the law is the ‘Sharman Act’ that came into existence in the year 1890. After that, two other laws came into existence for regulating business entities. These three acts act as an integral element of the antitrust laws. Professional Assignment Help services can help you get a thorough understanding of the basics of the subject.

Below are the core laws that make up the antitrust laws:

The Sherman Act

The law is responsible for regulating the increase in prices. This is done by restricting trade as well as supply. The act is a vital element of the antitrust laws as it promotes healthy competition among businesses. Apart from this, it also ensures that customers are not on the receiving end by preventing monopoly and cartel formation.

The Federation Trade Commission Act

The law helps to prevent unfair business practices. In addition to this, it also plays a key role in promoting healthy competition among businesses.

The Clayton Act

The fundamental purpose of devising the law was to restrict anti-competitive practices. The law sheds light on a specific code of conduct that is prohibited.

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