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Feminist legal theory at Assignment Help is about, and is closely associated with feminist approaches to law. Boyd and Sheehy define works that approach law from a feminist perspective at their most general as: "Scholarship which takes into account a woman's perspective or interests". At Assignment Help Feminist legal theory refers to an area of theory, teaching and practice about how the law affects women. It is an area of inquiry known by many names: "women and the Law" in its earliest formulation. "Sex Discrimination and Law", "Gender and the Law", "Feminist Analysis of Law", "Feminist Perspectives on Law", "Feminist Jurisprudence", "Feminist Legal Scholarship" and "Feminist Legal Theory". No one term has come to dominate the disAssignment to the exclusion of all others, although feminist legal theory has gained a certain prominence within the circles of modern gender related jurisprudence.

Feminist Legal Theory

For feminist, theory at Assignment Help is not "out there", but rather, is based on the concrete, daily, and "trivial" experience of individuals, and so emerges from the shared experience of women talking. Because feminist theory grows out of direct experience and consciousness actively asserting itself, feminist theory emphasizes context and the importance of identifying experience and claiming it for one's own. Feminist approaches to law can be seen to start from a basic assumption about the relationship between women and law: that the law is informed by and serves to reinforce the patriarchal social relationship – that it is based on male norms, male experience and male dominance, that women's experience are excluded from the law, and that the law has contributed to women's oppression.

The approach begins with a radical skepticism about the neutrality and universality of the existing legal system. It questions our laws and practices in fundamental ways, as well as the reasoning process by which we understand and apply them. It does so from the beginning premise that the existing system does not embody women's perspectives.

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Feminist Legal Theory Assignment Help

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