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This course at Assignment Help will consider the way law informs and regulates representation and participation in the political process. We will examine constitutional constraints on legislative apportionment, districting, the role of political parties and access to the ballot. We will explore the relationship between democratic principles and the electoral participation of racial, language, and political minorities. The course at Assignment Help will assist studying in depth the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended, to understand how the law both shapes and has been shaped by social science research, political theory, historical forces, and practical considerations. We shall also consider issues of alternative election systems, the role of money in politics and the role of women in politics.

The Course involves a study related to the division of powers and the constitutional setup. The course touches upon the powers which are conferred upon various governmental instrumentalities, and the interrelation of the functions exercised by them. The course also touches upon the exercise of the delegated powers also known as ‘subordinate legislations’ and the departmental operations and the exercise of jurisdictions in policy matters by the writ courts.

Law And Political Process Assignment Help

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