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The Assignment at Assignment Help focuses upon the purpose of the Juvenile Justice Legislation, which is to provide succor to the children who were being incarcerated along with adults and were subjected to various abuses. It would be in the fitness of things that appreciation of the very object and purpose of the legislation is seen with a clear understanding which sought to bring relief to juvenile delinquents.

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The problem of Juvenile Justice as dealt with Assignment Help is no doubt, one of tragic human interest so much so in fact that it is not confined to this country alone but cuts across national boundaries. In 1966 at the second United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders at London this issue was discussed and several therapeutic recommendations were adopted. To bring the operations of the juvenile justice system in the country in conformity with the UN Standard Minimum Rule for the Administration of juvenile justice, the Juvenile Justice Act came into existence in 1986. A review of the working of the then existing Acts both State and Parliamentary would indicate that much greater attention was found necessary to be given to children who may be found in situations of social maladjustment, delinquency or neglect. The justice system is available for adults could not be considered suitable for been applied to juvenile. There is also need for larger involvement of informal system and community based welfare agencies in the case, protection, treatment, development and rehabilitation of such juveniles.

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Juvenile Justice And Crimes Assignment Help

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