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The Assignment in Administrative Laws deals with the areas wherein the Executive Functionaries of the Government function as per the norms and standards laid down by the Legislature and the Judicial Functions. The province of the Administrative laws involves 'Delegated Legislations' and the limited power of the Executive Government to enact laws often called as Ordinances and the By-Laws.

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The Assignment focuses upon the study, how the executive departments of government make and apply the law and covers upon the fields of "Legislation and Regulation" Assignment as a foundation. This subject covers a variety of topics, including the legal framework (both constitutional and statutory) that governs the administrative adjudication the proper role of agencies and the government functionaries in interpreting and applying statutory and regulatory law public regulation, administration participation in agency rule making and judicial review of agency decisions. The central theme of the Assignment is how the law manages the tension between "rule of law' values (e.g., procedural regularity, accountability, and substantive limits on arbitrary action) and the desire for flexible, effective administrative governance.

The essential areas touch upon the functioning of Tribunals in maintaining the rule of laws and involve study related to the Writ Jurisdictions and the role of the 'Superior Courts' in administering the public justice.

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Administrative Law Assignment Help

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