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This basic Assignment at Assignment Help is an introduction to the legal doctrines and policies that regulate family and other intimate relationships. The Assignment will examine marriage, alternatives to marriage (common law marriage, civil unions, "covenant marriage" regimes, cohabitation, singleness, and non-recognition of legal relatedness), divorce, child custody, property division, alimony, child support, and parenthood. At Assignment Help, Substantial coverage will be devoted to constitutional rights in family law, such as the right to privacy in sex, reproduction, and raising children the right to marry and the problem of equality.

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We will study the increasingly complex "marriage system," in which new forms of adult relationship join marriage in the legal order; the rules making marriage a significant distributive institution both in the larger political economy and amongst family members; and the role of criminal law and administrative law in governing conflict among family members. Throughout we will compare marriage with the alternative forms and with informal relationships, and will seek to understand how the family law system complements market labor and public welfare provision in distributing social welfare. The Assignment closes with a comparison of the operation of family law among middle class and poor families using contemporary sociological writings. The Assignment will involve students in divorce negotiation, pre-nuptial agreement, child custody and guardianship related laws among the others.

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Family Laws Assignment Help

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