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Constitutional Law: Separation Of Powers, Federalism And Fourteenth Amendment

The Constitutional law of any State is the cornerstone of any State or Nation. The Constitution of any State could be understood and recognized as the 'Central Norm' or the 'Norm of Highest Order' which determines the validity of other laws and declare law of the land, as summed up by Kelsen. At Assignment Help, we understand the constitution and the Constitutional law as it lays down the basis on which all other laws operate in a State and all other laws work on the central framework which is laid down by the Constitutional Instruments.

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Broadly, the Constitutional laws of different States can be classified as either Written Instruments existing in tangible forms and in an executed instrumental form eg. The Constitution of The United States of America, or may exist as an elementary writing laying down only the broad outlines of the object and the aims of any State. The Magna Carta is one such example of such an unwritten constitution. The Constitutions are also classified as 'Unitary' or 'Federal' in nature.

At Assignment Help, we explore and attempt to study the Constitution of any State conceived as an 'Organic Whole', entrusting specific functions to the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary and further lays down the scope and extent of such powers in affirmative or negative terms. This system of division of power, entrusting specific functions to various organs of the State is known as 'Separation of Powers'. At Assignment Help, we provide help with the study of the historic events of the Constitution, along with the practical and functional aspects of it.

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Constitutional Law Assignment Help

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