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This Assignment at Assignment Help covers the history and fundamentals of modern federal Indian law in the United States. Topics include the relative bounds of federal, tribal and state jurisdiction over Indian country; hunting, fishing and gathering rights,Indian reserved water rights and settlement of Alaska Native land claims. The Casebook is Anderson, Berger, Frickey & Krakoff, American Indian Law, Second Edition (West 2010).

In 1983, Vine Deloria and Clifford M. Lytle in American Indians, American Justice outlined six periods of federal Indian policy characterized by the impact of federal actions for trying to resolve the "American Indian problem". American Indian law presents a complex combination of statutes, rules, regulations, tribal laws, treaties, and agency and judicial decisions. There are numerous federal statutes dealing with Indian rights and governance, such as the Indian Reorganization Act, and the Indian Civil Rights Act.

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American Indian Law Assignment Help

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